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About West Philly Press (2015-22)

We started this venture in late 2015 as a vehicle to publish a collection of one writer’s poetry as an ebook, with a print edition following shortly afterward. Most of the contents of that book – oneironaught by Jon Drucker – came from works written for Philadelphia’s Erotic Literary Salon. It was published under our original name, Silvertongue Press of West Philadelphia.

It might’ve ended there, but another Salon regular asked Jon to help format and publish their own ebook, and later asked him to be the publisher for both the ebook and print versions of Madam Jillinghoff’s Bedroom Rhymes in 2016-17. Soon afterward we were asked to bring Michelle Reale’s small but vital poetry chapbook, All These Things Were Real, into the world.

In September 2017 we published Jon’s second collection, Fierce Liquid, and realized that this venture wasn’t about to go away quietly. So in 2018 we incorporated as a Pennsylvania Limited Liability Corporation so we could make an honest business-spouse of ourselves. At this writing we have a handful of books published, plus an assist on Mike Fiorito’s Call Me Guido for our press cousins press over at Ovunque Siamo.

In November 2019 we launched Rhapsody Hill Books, an imprint devoted to health and wellness from perspectives you probably won’t find in the mainstream (at least not yet). Beyond that we had a few more projects on the back burner (or maybe in the fermentation tank).


We were always looking for new authors with Philly connections. Our idea was that if you had a book you wanted to publish or think you might want to get out into the world, we’d figure how to turn your pile of words into a more coherent pile of words on a stack of dead trees and/or screenful of pixels with minimal startup costs.  NOTE: We do NOT accept unsolicited manuscripts under any circumstances. In fact, we don’t accept manuscripts anymore, since we’re shutting down.


If you were in the world and paying attention in early 2020 or so, you might have noticed that inhaling near one another became quite fraught. And then people became quite fraught as a general practice. If we can sort that part out, maybe we’ll start back up again. Until then, ave atque vale.

What’s with the flowers?

We like ’em. Particularly Black-Eyed Susans and flowering prickly pears, which tend to appear on our logos and marketing materials, and especially the ones which bloom in West Philly. Feel free to imagine some and send them to our imaginary gravesite. Then go plant some native ones so we can have pollinators and maybe give humanity a few more years of life support on this wet ball of rock that keeps hurtling through space, with or without us.